Wollie Wolmarans has dedicated his 45 plus years of experience to mastering the minutia of firearm mechanics.


Using the latest ballistics software & the tried and tested physics of ballistics, Wollie Wolmarans offers his expert testimony.


Wollie Wolmarans conducts forensic investigations to gather impartial & impactful evidence to present in court.

SA's foremost expert in Forensic Ballistics

Thomas - Wollie - Wolmarans is one of South Africa’s foremost experts in forensic science. His experience with firearms extends over more than 45 years, including 40 years of experience in forensic ballistics and the identification of tool marks.

After a prestigious career working with several police and military forces, Wollie Wolmarans went on early retirement. However, his talent for forensic science; his knack for forensic investigation, and his passion for justice drew him out of his retirement. He then founded his own private consultants practice - Independent Forensic Ballistic Expert cc – in 1992.

His services have helped a multitude of truth and justice seekers. From attorneys and advocates to insurance companies and private individuals (a notable example being rhino farmers who have fallen victim to rhino poaching), he has provided his forensics expert’s testimony in more than 800 cases in South Africa and abroad.

Get in contact with Wollie today for expert consultancy in forensic science, or to acquire his assistance in a forensic investigation.


Firearm Identification

Wollie has spent more than 45 years learning hands on, the intricacies of thousands of different firearms in South Africa.

Tool Mark Identification

Wollie is able to identify specific tools by the marks they leave behind which is invaluable in crime scene analysis and the gathering of evidence.

Gunshot Wound Analysis

Experience with internal ballistics & post-mortem analysis, enable Wollie to discern key facts from crime scene reports.

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Wollie is able to reconstruct what has transpired by making use of post-mortem reports, crime scene photos, and eyewitness reports.

Crime Scene Photography

Wollie can visit crime scenes and then take his own photographs, which can be used either to bolster the case of the police or as counter evidence.


Wollie is able to perform forensic crime scene analysis on poaching incidents, and he has been successful in helping to bring poachers to justice.