Firearm Identification

Wollie has spent more than 45 years learning the intricacies of thousands of different firearms. Few in South Africa have more hands on knowledge and practical experience, and as such he is an invaluable advisor for the identification of weaponry.

Tool Mark Identification

Wollie is able to identify tools by the marks they leave behind. In crime scene analysis this is invaluable, for example in determining if forced entry occurred, and subsequently for identifying the specific tool used, and using that information as evidence against a guilty party.

Tool mark identification is also effective in resolving private disputes, for example those regarding damage to property.

Analysis of Gunshot Wounds

Combining his experience with internal ballistics and with post-mortem analysis, Wollie is able to discern key information from crime scene post-mortem reports.

Reconstruction of Crime Scenes

After the police have concluded their work at a crime scene Wollie is able to reconstruct what has transpired by making use of post-mortem reports, crime scene photos, and eyewitness reports.

Crime Scene Photography

Wollie can visit crime scene’s after the police have concluded their investigation, and then take his own photographs, which can be used either to bolster the case of the police or as counter evidence.

Firearms Testing

Using his gunsmith expertise Wollie is able to identify defects in a massive variety of firearms. This can be used to confirm a plaintiff’s claim to innocence, showing that his weapon was defective and could not have been used to commit the crime in question.

Hunting Accident Investigation

Firearms testing can also be used in the investigation of hunting accidents, where an accident can be shown to have taken place as a result of a defect in the weapon, and not foul play. Similarly, ballistic analysis can be applied in order to determine whether an accident is a result of a stray bullet, a poorly aimed shot, or intension.

Expert Witness Testimony

Wollie has served as an expert witness for more than 800 court cases in South Africa and abroad. He is unrivaled in his expertise, especially in his fields of greatest specialization.

Business Dispute Resolution

A forensic investigation can be conducted without the police’s involvement. This is especially helpful to businesses that need to resolve internal disputes with the maximum speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Insurance Companies

Forensic investigation is essential for insurance companies in order to determine fairly and accurately what has transpired and make the appropriate payouts, and also to protect against potential insurance fraud.


Wollie is able to perform forensic crime scene analysis on poaching incidents, and he has been successful in helping to bring poachers to justice using his ballistics, tool mark identification and crime scene investigation techniques.