oscar pistorius vs realism part 1

OP(Oscar Pistorius) vs Realism(Fact-Based) – Part 1

Exhibits retrieved on the crime scene by the police.

If you intend to make a statement about the truth, you must first make certain what the truth is.

Frank Sonnenberg

Misrepresentation. Distorting facts to consciously mislead or create a false impression. Spinning the truth. Presenting opinion as fact. Revisionist thinking. Using euphemisms masquerading as the truth. These are all forms of misrepresentation.

Before I begin, I must emphasise the fact that I was on the crime scene of the Oscar Pretorius case for at least 3 days after the police had released the crime scene to the defence on 2013-02-18, and thereafter for some days more with the police reconstructing the scene. All the police photos were handed to the defence at a later stage, and the relevant exhibits were examined much later.

The book Oscar v The Truth was given to me as a present… as a rule I do not read fiction.


After only minutes of reading I wanted to put the book down. I was appalled by the incorrect (contradicting) assertions that were made on pages 14 and 15 of the reconstruction of the crime scene (bathroom and toilet).

I paged through and made the following observations:

  1. On pages 7 and 8 the bail application is printed on a brown background, which makes reading it difficult (perhaps this was the intention?) see this link for his full statement.
  2. It can be seen on page 9 that the curtains are very thick/dense. It was my observation at the crime scene that if the curtains are drawn – especially at night – it is totally dark in the room. Even in the day time it is dim when the curtains are drawn. This was tested several times under different conditions.
  3. On pages 14 and 15 two sketch plans are illustrated. On page 14 the heading is “Oscar’s basic version” and on page 15 the heading is “Basic floorplan of the room and bathroom area”. On both the illustrations certain positions are illustrated that are contradicting.

After paging and reading further through the book I made up my mind that the correct facts should be shown to the public, who have an interest in this case. The question, of course, is how? I have decided to use my Facebook page to do this.

Let us make an observation of all the exhibits and evidence, and be objective of the facts without any speculation.

Cartridge cases: Exhibits marked A1 – A4 by the police cricket bat exhibit D and firearm exhibit C:



Bullet fragment B1 retrieved from bathroom see position of cricket bat exhibit D



The toilet door seen from bathroom side



The toilet door seen from the toilet side



Bullet fragments found in toilet




Bullet fragment and piece of tile found in toilet exhibit K



The book rack in the toilet





The fan and extension cord



Reeva’s over night bag as found by the police and the clothes-basket



The condition Oscar was found in by the police



The condition of the bed



Exhibits retrieved at the post-mortem






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